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21st Nov 2023, 09:41
I have passes in 7 ATPL exam passes dating back to Dec 2017 and am now on a FI Course and need CPL knowledge so I can teach full PPL not just LAPL. Will these exam passes count towards CPL knowledge? I have no intention to take a CPL skills test, just need the knowledge. What is the CAA's stance on this??

Genghis the Engineer
26th Nov 2023, 16:29
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26th Nov 2023, 16:54
You need to have passed all 13 CPL exams or ATPL exams. There is no time limit for FI purposes so the 7 already passed should count towards the total.
This sort of information should be available from the ATO where you are doing the FI course.

28th Nov 2023, 07:45
Hi and thank you. Yes my ATO is aware as is the Company I'm doing the remaining CPL exams. The issue is with the CAA acknowledging the passes for the purpose of FI. They are stuck in the "You must have all the exams passed in 18 months" rut. I can't find the ruling or policy, CAA are not helping.

30th Nov 2023, 19:32
There has never been anything written regarding this. The ICAO requirement is that you must have demonstrated CPL level knowledge, but it doesn't say how. It is generally accepted that having passed the CPL written exams is a demonstration of CPL knowledge and it has always been accepted that those exams do not expire for the purpose of meeting the ICAO requirement for an FI course. For many years in the UK pre 1999 we simply had a pre-entry test which fulfilled that purpose.