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2nd Sep 2002, 08:17
Can anyone tell me how easy it would be to convert a UK APTL to
Many Thanks.

2nd Sep 2002, 09:17
Here you go.......

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) Issue
For the issue of a NZ ATPL using an unrestricted current equivalent licence and
instrument rating issued by the Authority of an ICAO member state as a basis for
recognition, each applicant will be required to;
(a) Complete the NZ medical requirements including the issue of a NZ
Medical Certificate Class 1, and;
(b) Meet the minimum flight experience requirements for the issue of an NZ
ATPL as prescribed in AC 61, and;
(c) Produce evidence of having completed at least 500 hours as pilot in
command or 1000 hours as co-pilot on multi-crew operations, in multiengined
aircraft, on commercial IFR operations subsequent to the issue of
the flight crew licence that has been presented for recognition. Such
experience is to have been gained in countries which come under the
jurisdiction of the overseas authority that issued the licence, and;
(d) Pass a written examination in ATPL Air Law, and;
(e) Pass an ATPL issue flight test with a Civil Aviation Authority flight
examiner then;
Apply to CAA for the issue of an ATPL by submitting all of the following;
A completed application form CAA 24061/01 together with the licence
application fee of NZ$60.00 (both sides of the form must be completed).
All completed flight test paperwork.
A photocopy of the applicants current overseas licence and medical
Copies of the applicants NZ ATPL Air Law examination credit slip, NZ
Class 1 Medical Certificate and the ASL letter issued following
Application for ATPL issue flight tests should be made to CAA on form CAA
24061/03 with an application fee of $NZ1206.00 G.S.T. inclusive for ATPL
(A) and $NZ665.00 for ATPL(H).
When issued, each ATPL (Aeroplane) will grant Instrument Rating
Persons who undertake ATPL (Aeroplane) issue tests in approved airline
simulators, should note, that if the device used is not approved to full Level
5 (zero flight time) standard, and they are not current on the appropriate
aircraft type overseas, it is necessary to complete at least three take-offs
and landings in the appropriate aeroplane type in addition to the simulator
phase of the test. It follows that pilots who are current on the appropriate
aircraft type are not required to complete circuits in the aeroplane. The only
full level 5 simulator in NZ is the Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400 device.
Revision 5 11/8/99 PAE
Please note that P1 under supervision, command practice, ICUS or similar
time is not acceptable in lieu of pilot in command time.
ATPL issue flight tests must be undertaken in multi-engine aircraft types
acceptable to the Director.

For more info, go to : www.caa.govt.nz/pilots/pilots.htm


2nd Sep 2002, 10:11
So its really quite easy.
What pisses me off is the hoops a NZ ATPL holder would have to go through to do the reverse.
Mind you, not many people in the UK establishment realise that it was us that invented aviation, not them.:D

2nd Sep 2002, 21:03
Thanks alot sqwark 2000 for the info, is there a company which
supplies study material for the airlaw exam ?.
cheers again.

2nd Sep 2002, 22:06

Aviation Services Ltd. is the company responsible for all the theory examinations and flight testing.

I know they provide material for the flight planning exam but not sure about Air Law.

Their website is www.aviation.co.nz , try that and see what you find.

Cribble : Yes, seemingly easier than what is required to go the other way. I have heard though that ATPL's are easier to convert than lower licenses when going to the UK. Having said that though, it's just a easy for a UK CPL holder to convert their license here as it is for the ATPL. Trying to convert mine to a UK CPL (pre JAR) was a nightmare back then, not even interested nowadays as the JAR is said to be worse. I was looking at spending the same amount of money converting the license as what I spent getting my NZ license. :(

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