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25th Sep 2023, 10:01
Hello all,
did Airbus do anything (modification) regarding two AOA stuck at wrong angle with the third correct AOA voted out? I do not mean the OEB but I mean modifying the coding of F/CTL computers....
Also, the AOA discrepancy ECAM caution in the FCOM looks new for me. Does it have any connection with issue above?

Fursty Ferret
25th Sep 2023, 15:15
Yes, the computers can now detect two AoA vanes frozen at the same, but incorrect, value. It's a combination of a switch to Thales vanes and enhancements to the flight control software

The idea is that a consistency check is carried out between the load factor and the angle of attack reported for each AoA sensor. Implausible results lead to a rejection of either one probe (which is a non-event) or rejection of two, which leads to alternate law.

I believe it was implemented with ELAC software standard L97.