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Ray Ban
1st Sep 2002, 15:17
Hi all,

I have finally managed to extricate myself from one of the major FTOs, battered and bruised I have just obtained a JAA CPL/IR, frozen ATPL.

I thought nothing could be as stressful as the IRT but completing the paperwork and logbook for licence issue is a real pain in the rear! I have the forms from my FTO but no explanatory text to go with it. I have a number of questions I would like to ask of ex-modular students out there. I have tried to speak to Flight Crew Licensing but I was always disconnected as they said they were too busy and their web site has to be seen to be believed. Easy navigation – not! I should also add that my instructor and FTO have been too busy to really help out – typical hey! :(

Here goes -

1. What’s the fee for a combined CPL/ IR and multi rating?
2. I presume SPIC time is my GFT and IRT passes only. I was a modular student but one of my integrated student friends said all his follow up route flying with his instructor during his IR training was also SPIC. Any thoughts?
3. What is instrument ground time? Is it the briefing hours?
4. What are the exact requirements for issue of the above licence? 200 hrs TT and 100 hrs P1 but what about night hours and IFR time?
5. Whilst in Florida I obtained a night rating but never applied for the endorsement. Providing I have the hours, is such a rating added on regardless of whether I apply for it separately?

Thank you.

:) :) :)

1st Sep 2002, 15:44
1. Pass - phone the CAA at the Belgrano and they will tell you.
2. SPIC is Student Pilot In Command - the time spent solo during your PPL course. Note that this is different for integrated students as they never get a PPL (unless they had one before starting), so often have lots of SPIC time.
3. Simulator time.
4. A PPL, 200 hours TT, 100 hours PIC, 5 hours night (for the CPL), a qualifying cross country of 300nm, 70 hours cross country PIC, a full set of CPL + IR or ATPL theory exams passes, plus at least the course minimum hours for the CPL and IR courses, and an MEP Class rating theory test pass if you're also applying for an MEP class rating.
5. You just need the hours not the qualification. In fact not getting the night qual. has saved you £64 which is what the CAA charge for adding the sentence 'the priveledges of this licence may be exercised at night' to your PPL'.

1st Sep 2002, 15:56
The Examiner who conducted your CPL Skill Test and the Examiner who conducted your IR should have told you how to complete your application requirements. That's part of what you pay them for.

1st Sep 2002, 16:35
CAA FCL charges are at: http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/175/srg_fcl_Scharges_prof_03.pdf

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