View Full Version : Capacity Forward Partion Inner Tank A330

7th Aug 2023, 07:28
Hi Folks,
does anyone out there knows the capacity of the forward partion of the inner tank of the A330? With the INR TK P/B to ON, the inner tank is divided into an aft and forward partion. The fuel in the forward partion is than unusable. So it would be helpful to know, how much fuel that is. Canít find this number in the FCOM. Anyone got a clue and can help me out?
Cheers and thanks

7th Aug 2023, 08:51
Do you mean the collector cell?

7th Aug 2023, 10:30
No, not the collector cell! The forward sektion of the tank. After selecting IN TK SPLIT ON, the tank is divided in an foreard and aft sektion. The fiel un the aft sektion is still usable by the help of the Stby Pumps, but forward fuel may be lost. So i need to know the capacity of the forward sektion.