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1st Sep 2002, 00:41
Hi there

Just reading the brilliant book Pan Am: An Airline and Its Aircraft by R.E.G. Davies and M. Machat. In the post war era the Convair 240 and 340 were used on Caribbean and South American routes to replace DC3s however they were withdrawn in the late 1950s Does anyone know what was used to replace them up until the advent of the Boeing 720 and 727 in the early/mid 1960s?

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1st Sep 2002, 07:20
DC-6's mostly I believe.

1st Sep 2002, 16:27
From memory (long time ago !), DC-6s to S.America, DC-4s in the Caribbean I think. Couldn't find any specific references, except that the last Convair left the fleet in Nov 1957.

23rd Sep 2002, 04:39
I heard United's South American routes used to be Pan Am's. Is that true?

Tim Zukas
3rd Oct 2002, 20:17
The December 1956 OAG shows two Pan Am Convair flights in the Caribbean: Miami-Havana-Merida and back, and Miami-Camaguey-Kingston-Barranquilla-Maracaibo and back. In Feb 1958 both these flights were DC-6Bs.

Based on their present lat-lons, Kingston to Barranquilla is 436.85 nm of empty Caribbean. With all their four-engine aircraft, wonder why the CAA or whoever exempted them from the 60-minute rule.