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Orange future
31st Jul 2023, 05:09
Chatting to a frequent global traveler at a party recently and he happened to mention a reasonably recent flight with an English airline where during taxi out the passenger sitting next to him accidently jammed his mobile phone between the seat and fold out television screen (premium economy, fold out screen from between seats)

My acquaintance contacted a flight attendant and advised them that his phone was both cracked and starting to heat up. The chief flight attendant obtained the phone, placed it in the laptop fire bag and the flight continued to takeoff for a long over water leg.

Thoughts? Using a laptop fire bag because of an overheating damaged mobile phone but then proceeding with the flight?

31st Jul 2023, 09:07
If it happened on the taxi out, I can see merit in returning to the gate to offload the offending item. Why take a potential problem into the air with you?

Depending on the logistics of that, considering the danger was contained, continuing may have been ok too.

Personally, I would have been conservative and returned to the gate.