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Non-PC Plod
6th Jul 2023, 15:41
After a fairly long period of teaching overseas, I am looking at returning to UK, and I would like to do some self-study to get myself up to speed on UK rules & regs that a TRI/TRE would need to be conversant with.
I am having real trouble finding any in-date publications - particularly with flight crew licensing. If I understand correctly, everything seems to have been cancelled, and is awaiting a rewrite.
Can anyone help with with a list of valid reference docs, or a link?

Many thanks in anticipation!

6th Jul 2023, 17:40
Basic Regulation:https://www.caa.co.uk/uk-regulations/aviation-safety/basic-regulation-the-implementing-rules-and-uk-caa-amc-gm-cs/
CAA Regulations: (https://www.caa.co.uk/uk-regulations/aviation-safety/basic-regulation-the-implementing-rules-and-uk-caa-amc-gm-cs/)https://www.caa.co.uk/uk-regulations/aviation-safety/civil-aviation-act-1982-the-ano-2016-the-rules-of-the-air-2015-and-the-dg-regulations-2002/
That should keep you going for a bit.
The UK imported EU Regulations to cover Part 21 Aircraft; the ANO covers non Part 21 Aircraft.

Arrow Flyer
7th Jul 2023, 08:14
Aircrew Regulation: https://regulatorylibrary.caa.co.uk/1178-2011/Content/Aircrew_1.htm

7th Jul 2023, 08:29

Doc 24 - CAA’s big book of examining.

Non-PC Plod
10th Jul 2023, 21:46
Thanks all!