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30th Aug 2002, 23:25
I'm interested in aviation from the 60's and 70's. What airlines operated Transatlantics to/from Shannon or Dublin during that period, either as fuel stops or scheduled?

What aircraft did they use, and what were the destinations? (e.g Pan Am, Northwest, Air France, Alitalia and of course Aer Lingus to name but few).

Thank You - :)

Airways Ed
31st Aug 2002, 00:14
World Airways (US non-sked) used EINN/SNN as a fuel stop on trans-Atlantics out of central/southern Europe, particularly westbound, also as a crew-change point: 707s, DC-8-63s.

1st Sep 2002, 15:31
Did Northwest operate a 747 from Dublin/Shannon to Boston? Saw a picture of a Nortwest Orient 747, 2 Pan Am 747's, an Aeroflot tu-?? and an Aer Lingus 747 at Shannon - it was a great site.

What were they all doing at Shannon? Surely Pan Am didn't have two scheduled 747 services to Ireland?

3rd Sep 2002, 12:53
Used to see Cubana IL-62s there regularly when I worked over there in the very early 80s...