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30th Aug 2002, 18:45
A new Defiant has been built over the last 6 years by engineers working at the former Boulton Paul factory in Wolverhampton.
It will be unveiled in a ceremony there at 2pm on September 15th. :)
(Unable to check date/time!)

Wonder if they'll make me one ;)

30th Aug 2002, 19:12

30th Aug 2002, 20:52
I last visited the BP mob in 1998, and took this picture at the time. Be interesting to see what it looks like now!


Flashing Mac
31st Aug 2002, 00:51
Does anyone know if it is going to be an airworthy one?

Be nice to see one in the skies.

31st Aug 2002, 01:12
Open day 2001. Display model only.

Boulton Paul Association (http://mywebpage.netscape.com/markansell/bpa/)




Lu Zuckerman
31st Aug 2002, 03:45
In our Jr. High School wood shop during WW 2 we made wood ID models for the USAAF and the USN. The Defiant was the first model I made. We started with several pieces of hardwood and a series of templates. When all of the parts conformed to the templates we would assemble them and sand them to a smooth surface. After final inspection we painted them matte black and at the end of the class we shipped the models to a collection point where they were sent to the various air services.