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10th Mar 2023, 11:38
Good morning everyone.
I would like to ask a bit of guidance regarding my studies for the possible upgrade in next months (A320F).
I am focusing a lot on Part A and B of OM. Plus fcom and a bit of fctm.
Sometimes, I feel like I am losing time just reading, making summaries...

How can I organise better? Where to put priorities?
Thank you

12th Mar 2023, 08:12
I know that feeling :)
I found it useful to go to the regulators website and search for my aircraft type for incidents ( not accidents) and then work through my own reaction to them over a day or so. Lots of researchin* of the systems involved and the odd YouTube video etc. I was learning but I was also remaining motivated. Hope it helps.

15th Mar 2023, 09:56
Thank you so much. Yes, It is not easy

I hope to be more "productive"

70 Mustang
15th Mar 2023, 11:57
Like the front of your hand and understand the systems well enough to understand all the actions mentioned.

16th Mar 2023, 11:42
The hard knowledge is QRH, memory items, Ops A and B and frequently (and not so frequently) encountered issues such as resets, go arounds, adverse weather, tech log management.

The soft knowledge is CRM, dealing with difficult days, people (crew and SLF), less than capable ground handlers, having a sense of what ACTUALLY matters to be safe and get the job done.

You'll probably be well up on all in the first paragraph. You'll finish studying the second one on the day you retire!

16th Mar 2023, 12:00
With the selection process for a command course the company usually has made sure you know the procedures and book in considerable depth. The course is mostly about the new responsibility (read the corresponding OM A chapters) and managing situations that are not as clear cut as the normal V1 cut. While it is good to keep your general knowledge up, i would focus rather on general leadership, command and CRM stuff. There are some fantastic books out there one can read and learn from. I learned quite a lot from books like „QF32“ by Richard de Crespigny, „Aircraft Command Techniques“ by Sal J. Falluco, „Controlling Pilot Error: Culture, Environment and CRM“ by Tony T. Kern and quite a few others, sadly most are in my other home 3 hours (by plane) away and i don’t remember all the exact titles. But I’m sure others can chip in with excellent recommendations on what to read. And it doesn’t hurt to continue reading after you got your command, we all can learn every day.

16th Mar 2023, 21:38
The finest book I can recommend about command, leadership and safety is Controlling Risk by Capt. Jim Wetherbee who is a former shuttle commander. I recommend it to all colleagues as it is full of important stuff but also gets you thinking along the right lines. His cardboard box safety analogy should be on every CRM course.

17th Mar 2023, 04:56
Capt. Jim Wetherbee has a number of lectures om Y'tube.