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yankee charlie
29th Aug 2002, 15:33
Ezy ground crew will have a new pay structure soon.

4000 pay cut and the introduction of a performance related pay scheme.

This means if the aircraft leaves on time they will get a bonus.

What about the safety implications ??????????

If there`s more bags on board will the dispatcher or the loader let the aircraft depart with them............ because if the aeroplane is delayed they won`t get their bonus.

I believe Ezy is cutting corners to achieve short turn arounds.

You cannot introduce a bonus scheme when safety is involved.

Watch this space

29th Aug 2002, 15:50
I am sure that all aircraft despatchers are professional enough not to send an aircraft out that was, in their considered opinion, unsafe, bonus or not.

Any that would deserve to be strung up!

29th Aug 2002, 15:51
:p Yankee Charlie, you are behind times again. There is no 4000 pound paycut, No performance related pay. Just a bog standard cost of living pay rise which quite a lot of ground staff are not happy about.
Some parts of the PRP were actually a good idea, especially combatting the sickness side of working on the ground. The management have either listened to the staff and seen sense or were made to see sense and withdrawn the proposed trial.

Tata for now
btw listening to your posts Yankee Charlie i think everyone on here would slit there wrists, do you ever have anything positive to say about anything, easyjet related or not ?????

yankee charlie
29th Aug 2002, 16:03

Yes I have something positive to say about EZY the people working on the frontline are great it`s a good product but unfortunately some managers make bad decision without consulting staff and this for me is out of order, it demotivates staff, for e.g the flight crew rostering system what a shambles.

Performance Related Pay is still going ahead. Managers who told everyone that safety is the top priority should not even think about such structure in the first palce especially when safety is involved.

You know what will happen when people is paid on commision.


:mad: :mad:

29th Aug 2002, 16:23
Its quite ironic that within the EZY culture of a 'no blame' work ethic (except captains!), introducing performance related pay to aircraft turn around times will only create a serious 'us and them' culture between aircrew, engineers and ground staff. Not a good platform for a coherent efficient team working in one direction.

On the point of dodgy despatchers, how long is there training? Is it anything like the FAA course in USA that leads to an industry standard qualification?

29th Aug 2002, 19:16
Performance related pay is not going ahead. As of yesterday the trial was cancelled, staff were given letters and end of story.
What might happen in the future, looking at 6 - 12 months down the line is a performance related bonus which is standard to all handling agents for meeting ontime performance. I.e. the company is given a bonus by the airline it handles for meeting targets.


Thanks for the commentrs about the nickname

Roland, just read your post. Despatchers in the uk are not required to hold an official licence by CAA. Despatchers for easyjet do have a one month training course and I believe several are also ppl qualified. Also easyjet is participating in the ICAO Flight OPS/ Despatch course (see thread in crewing/despatch forum) which starts at the end of september. Although not mandatory many staff are taking the opportunity to study for this qualification.

no sig
29th Aug 2002, 20:50
Yankee Charlie, I think its about time you found another Company to work for if you're so un-happy. Safety is NOT being compromised in any corner of easyJet and you stirring it up here is shallow and mis-informed.

Further, look at your roster this month, has it changed or has it not? It has, so management aren't listening? give us a break please!

30th Aug 2002, 11:12
no sig.
They may be listening,but when are they going to do something about it.:cool:

30th Aug 2002, 11:17
Hmm ... any chance of putting this on the company forum ???!!! :mad: :rolleyes:

30th Aug 2002, 13:18
Why ?
Are you easyjet police!:cool:

yankee charlie
30th Aug 2002, 14:51
No Sig

The fact that we keep the same crew for the day is the only change for me. I` m still flying long hours with mininum rest and changes almost everyday.

Why did EZY decided to change the roster not because they listen to their staff, it`s the bad press they were having last month.

May be you should wake up and come to the real world. I`m sure you are one of them who sits in EZYLand and makes stupid decision to mess people`s life style.

30th Aug 2002, 19:19
"Incentives" for on-time departures are nothing new. How about the Royal Mail's "Fly to Time" policy for cargo operators. More than 4 minutes late off-blocks and the operator pays penalties.