View Full Version : Two Hawker Typhoon Restorations

26th Jan 2023, 12:05
Hawker Typhoon RB396 Restoration Update | Vintage Aviation News (warbirdsnews.com) (https://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/hawker-typhoon-rb396-restoration-update.html)

Anyone know anything about the Canadian example or the viability of making a Napier Sabre airworthy?

26th Jan 2023, 14:34
Are you referring to typhoon Legacy as being the Canadian one? If so they have videos on YT which shows their progress and including info about two the two Sabres they have got. One is a wreck having been salvaged from a crash but the other is a part sectioned but largely complete engine which I assume gives them a fighting chance of a rebuild.