View Full Version : Beech 18 at North Weald 1997.

T J Johansen
15th Jan 2023, 12:41
I recently found this photo on Flickr. Shot at North Weald on May 31, 1997 during Aerofair. The photographer doens't have the id but suggest it might be G-BKGL.

I don't believe it is as there are numerous discrepancies between this Beech and BKGL, as also goes for BKGM and BSZC like antennas and the airstair. Not to mention that none of the other planes were painted like this in that period.

Does anyone remember seeing this Beech in the UK around this time, or anywhere else for that matter?



15th Jan 2023, 13:43
Looks like that could be an N registration under the tailplane?

15th Jan 2023, 17:07

Based at Graz in Austria with Century Airbirds, although now flies as OE-FSH in a rather more boring paint scheme.

15th Jan 2023, 17:45
Ah, it was based at Lelystad at the time. PS, good find!

16th Jan 2023, 09:22
I remember a Beech 18 at White Waltham in 2002... but that was a completely different one and a different airfield. For a minute there I thought it might have been the same one but the colourscheme was different for starters.

T J Johansen
2nd Mar 2023, 11:45
Thanks for the answers people. I knew that I could trust the Pprune forumites to come up with the airframe here.