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13th Jan 2023, 17:00
Hello, maybe somebody have some info on subject?

I saw mentioned pdf couple of times (you may google and find some outdated versions at least) and it seems it is an official manufacturer document and it is updated time to time, but I cannot find any official way to get it.

I remember years ago there was very similar package named "instructor support" and it was placed in an airbusworld documentation/training , but it was removed (I guess because of adobe flash became unsupported) and nothing was uploaded instead.

So, my question - is it manufacturer internal document available for selected instructors only? Or, maybe, it is available on Comapny/ATO request only? In other words - is it possible to obtain legal updated version of mentioned document?

Thanks in advance

13th Jan 2023, 23:04
I’m pretty sure the PDP and Instructor support documents were all discontinued and replaced by the FCTM. Some old versions still float around but are not updated by Airbus.