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Flugzeug A
10th Jan 2023, 20:16
On the ‘Discovery’ channel last night , the Australian truckers were moving a Twin Pioneer.
I only caught the end of the programme & didn't get the episode number etc but the aircraft itself seemed quite derelict.
I know there WAS a Twin pioneer under restoration to fly in Australia a few years ago but the aircraft on the TV seemed far more battered than the one which is being restored , so I THINK it was a different airframe.
It’s one of my favourite aircraft , can anyone enlighten me as to what I saw?

Self loading bear
11th Jan 2023, 02:40
Outback truckers season 6 (2018) episode 10.
Owner Rob Walker
transported to Barellen.
Whispering Pines Aviation Museum
Outback truckers

Flugzeug A
11th Jan 2023, 02:53
Thanks SLB.
This was filmed after the one under restoration flew again , I think , so it looks as though it’s a different aircraft.

11th Jan 2023, 07:08
GE 2023 imagery shows a Twin Pin outside at the now defunct Australian Aviation Museum at Bankstown, maybe that one ?

Flugzeug A
11th Jan 2023, 07:20
Thanks Mr Reid.
I think it’s the aircraft from the TV.
VH - EVC , damaged beyond airworthy in a storm , then donated to the museum.
I’m delighted to discover that there’s a Twin-pin flying somewhere in the World , though I doubt I’ll ever see it!

11th Jan 2023, 14:57
I believe the sole remaining Australian airworthy example has recently been donated to HARS at Albion Park (?). They have a good record with restorations so maybe they'll keep it flying. I think the problem with the UK survivor was corrosion in the lift struts and there were no spares..

12th Jan 2023, 09:28
It is a shame there are no Twin Pioneers still flying in UK. I was on 152 Sqn, based in Bahrain during 1959/61 when we had four of them, flying mostly in the Trucial Oman States, Muscat and Oman and later in Kuwait.I was young and really wanted to fly fighters then, but looking back it was one of the most satisfying and interesting jobs I ever did during 40 years of flying.

https://cimg3.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1024x978/j_twinpioneers_oman__0a097454ef900ecca3f61a94df3939f5b13180f 7.jpg

Flugzeug A
12th Jan 2023, 22:50
THanks again all.
Brakedwell , I hoped this would catch your eye & you’d post!
I am a mere someone who simply likes flying things , hence my nickname from my German teacher at school & the best explanation for liking the Twin-pin is that I like the look of it!
I saw a documentary on discovery ‘wings’ about 15 years ago , featuring the UK TP that Air Atlantic used to run.
They found 2 ex- TP Pilots & interviewed them in the aircraft.
It’s a while ago but they described it as ‘Slow , loud & draughty’ , then both said they’d love to fly it again if allowed to.

13th Jan 2023, 11:57
I knew an ex-CFS pilot who left the RAF in the early 70's and flew a Twin Pioneer out of Cheltenham, mainly for Geo-survey work. That was my last contact, but I remember flying the TP in the Gulf with the left window open a lot of the time and my flying suit arm pinned to the window frame with a clothes peg to keep cool. The draught helped a lot! I don't think it was very loud, especially when at a decent cruising height. I flew a Tin Pin from Aden to Bahrain with only one stop at RAF Masirah, 2 flight, 9 hours each at 10 thousand feet. As a matter of interest I remember the Twin Pin carried 365 gallons of petrol and used an average of 35 gallons an hour! Funny how ones memory holds some things.