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9th Jan 2023, 08:30
Greetings! In your expert opinion, what year or years in the recent past (2010-present) saw the biggest, most significant, or most interesting changes or challenges to commercial pilots' working conditions? Did anything arise that made it easier or more difficult to properly rest, make a reasonable living, work to your best ability? Were there changes to the law, company policy or industry culture that had a direct impact on your working conditions? I am researching recent aviation history as I start my PPL training, so your insights and steers into the best areas for me to research are hugely appreciated. Many thanks in advance everyone!

tubby linton
9th Jan 2023, 20:19
The imposition of EASA FTL in 2016 was a negative turning point for UK based crews. There was no science behind the new scheme unlike UKCAA FTL which had been refined since the 1970s only commercial pressure from a number of European based airlines to allow longer duty days with early starts.
Doctor Simon Bennett of the University of Leicester was one of those who opposed the introduction with a lot of fatigue and sleep data but was ignored.EASA had a review of the rules a few years later and the review results basically restated all of the reasons why the rules were originally thought to be unsafe but now they had two years of data to prove why the EASA rules were actually unsafe. As of today EASA have not revised the rules.

16th Jan 2023, 08:21
tubby linton , thanks so much for taking the time to write this! It's exactly the kind of information I was looking for and it's hugely helpful. I'll follow up on the details here, including Dr Bennett's work. I'm all ears for any other thoughts and insights you might feel inspired to share.