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India Four Two
19th Dec 2022, 01:16
Anyone know where and when?

https://cimg6.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/720x778/319219174_660678855763877_5263573518539945326_n_286a89e6f35e ddf849a8571581d1cea7a7cf1011.jpg

19th Dec 2022, 06:54
The consensus appears to be that it's a 692 Squadron Mosquito B.XVI that lost an engine returning from a mission in February 1945 and overran the runway when attempting a landing at Rougham (USAAF) in Suffolk.

longer ron
19th Dec 2022, 08:04
As Dave posted above - A/C number MM224

India Four Two
19th Dec 2022, 08:19
So my follow-up question is, did the Mossie hit the car or did the car, driving in the blackout, stumble upon the Mossie?

19th Dec 2022, 08:51
https://cimg0.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/667x826/screenshot_2022_12_19_at_09_47_52_bl_0000762_19950210_060_00 09_pdf_3666e0ff7d3aa90ecdc60dd50f67d21fd23a2e63.png
Bury Free Press Feb 10th 1995. Source BNA.

India Four Two
19th Dec 2022, 09:12
PPRuNe, the fountain of all knowledge! :ok: :)

19th Dec 2022, 17:05
PPRuNe, the fountain of all knowledge! :ok: :)

ASN has the listing thus:

Interestingly, 692 was a "Fellowship of the Bellows" Sqdn . . . their 31 Mossies 'paid for' - in part - by supporters in Argentina!
The FOTB was created after an idea of collecting funds - to 'support the war effort' had been thought up by members of the British/Anglo Argentine Community in a Buenos Aires bar!
You paid a monthly subscription [whatever was affordable] and joined the 'Fellowship'! Money donated was sent to the Ministry of Aircraft Production.
It became a runaway success with new branches of the 'Fellowship' soon appearing in most other S. American countries.
More history here. (https://masterbombercraig.wordpress.com/post-war-raf-career/craig-in-argentina/fellowship-of-the-bellows/)

20th Dec 2022, 09:09
It happened at 02.40 and Mr and Mrs Rayner had been to Bury to the cinema.
Be interesting to find out why they were on the road so late. I'm sure with wartime restrictions the cinema would have finished long before midnight.

20th Dec 2022, 09:21
Actually ASN is wrong, the crash happened at @23.30 and would appear to be on 1.2.45, not the 31.1.45 t/o and crash on 1.2.45.