View Full Version : Lockerbie

Trinity 09L
11th Dec 2022, 12:01
Suspect in custody in the US

Less Hair
11th Dec 2022, 15:06
He might be related to more terror attacks like the bombing of the La Belle discotheque in West-Berlin back then, that was followed by US air strikes on Libya and the Gaddafi compound.


Flugzeug A
11th Dec 2022, 18:15
He was reported as kidnapped in Libya , now he’s in US custody & about to go on trial.
Was he ‘rendered’?

Less Hair
11th Dec 2022, 20:13
Possibly more like bounty hunted?

11th Dec 2022, 21:08
Most likely a combination of both.

4th Jan 2023, 23:28
Who cares how he was brought to the USA, if it turns out, he was guilty of making the bomb that brought down PA103. It's 34 years after the attack. Seems like very dogged detective work.

Flugzeug A
4th Jan 2023, 23:44
It seems to me that he’s been found guilty already.
He’ll be tried but the verdict’s inevitably ‘as charged’.