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24th Nov 2022, 05:41
Was there ever such a thing? Trials fit perhaps? Personally I think it's just a modeller having fun.


24th Nov 2022, 07:50
A quick search shows NH342 was a Spitfire.

24th Nov 2022, 08:31
...it's just a modeller having fun.
Just that. Having seen the fuselage frame of a Hurricane up close and in the nude, I don't think that bolting a radial of sufficent power to that would be something that Hawker would have considered. I know that the Tempest did something similar but the Tempest has a wider fuselage (if my memory isn't playing tricks). On a model, those differences are in the millimeter range and easily blended with putty and sanded down. It doesn't work like that on the full scale versions.

Edited to add.... I do like the tribute to the Dutch squadrons in the RAF, including the 'Princess Beatrix' name.

Flying Binghi
24th Nov 2022, 09:28
Nice model..:cool:

Engine looks a bit far forward for the power that the prop would indicate. The weight is too far forward. Perhaps should have used a smaller prop.

Liffy 1M
24th Nov 2022, 10:23
Already discussed here: https://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/649963-raf-preference-line-engines-vs-radials-ww2.html

For the full range of fantasy types, see here under What-If Models: Airwar 1946 (http://www.airwar1946.nl/index.htm)

24th Nov 2022, 11:03
Funny I always thought it was spelt 'Hercules'.

Title corrected

24th Nov 2022, 12:14
Thought I had the Putnam Hawker book but it seems not...

Wiki certainly has no mention of any murmurings of a Hercules variant ever being considered. I'd agree that it's just a nicely executed kit bashing fantasy!

A quick search shows NH342 was a Spitfire.

The one before is now flying as a two-seater from Headcorn... :)

24th Nov 2022, 13:10
Funny I always thought it was spelt 'Hercules'.

Depends which part of Bristol you come from.

24th Nov 2022, 15:34
I thought it was Hercules...... the horse in Steptoe & Son if anyone can the remember the tv series 😀

24th Nov 2022, 19:42
Looks a bit like a Boomerang.
Reminds me of this aircraft. The Supermarine 250.

A what if that has some validity in reality, I'm led to believe?

India Four Two
24th Nov 2022, 20:03
Engine looks a bit far forward for the power that the prop would indicate. The weight is too far forward.

I did some "back of the envelope" CG calculations. The Merlin I weighed about 1400 lbs and I was surprised to discover that the Hercules weighed about 1900 lbs.

To maintain an appropriate CG, the aft part of the cowling would have to have been slightly aft of the wing leading edge, giving an even more "pug-nosed" appearance than the DHC Beaver.

The reason for the Beaver's distinctive nose is for similar CG reasons. The originally proposed engine was the DH Gipsy Queen inline six-cylinder engine. When the Wasp Junior engine was used instead, due to its plentiful availability, it had to be mounted much closer to the cabin.

Flugzeug A
24th Nov 2022, 23:04
I realise it’s just a model but it’s far more pleasing to the eye than I imagined it would be.
Is it just me , or would it be P47-ish with the gear up?

25th Nov 2022, 00:22
Plese fergiv th mispeling Hercules. Fast fingers, slow brain, as a near octogenarian I think I can get away with the excuse.

I was thinking perhaps the aircraft might have been a proposal if the Merlin came to be in short supply.

Mike Lima 01
25th Nov 2022, 19:56
I do know of a very skilled modeler who adapted an Airfix Hurricane into a convincing radial powered aircraft!

25th Nov 2022, 21:09
Like its brother in arms the Hurricane was designed around the Rolls V 12 engine that was to become the Merlin.
It worked because it combined power with low frontal drag and minimum weight for its output.
After sorting out the coolant leaks and head design it ended up as an amazing power plant and could be boosted for a huge increase in performance with the availability of high octane fuel.
However there was always the issue of its cooling system getting damaged that could put you out of the game, but as required for the Hurricane and Spitfire (home defence) its advantages outweighed the possibility of a return to base or force landing.
In the end what was required when came to matter was the ability to climb to height quickly deliver an attack and get back to base ready for another go. both our fighters could do this and only needed cannons to improve their killing ability.

27th Nov 2022, 08:16
The Putnam book by Mason "HAWKER AIRCRAFT since 1920" says that they looked at putting several different engines in the Hurricane II in 1939 - the Griffon and Hercules are specifically mentioned (page 277) but the disruption to production from any mods would have been too great when there was an upgraded Merlin available

28th Nov 2022, 01:42
Much obliged Asturias, thank you. :ok:

28th Nov 2022, 07:18
"the disruption to production from any mods would have been too great"

I hasten to add I meant MODIFICATIONS - not those wonderful, generous, far sighted folk who manage this board.....................