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28th Aug 2002, 15:49

I have decided to do my A-level Physcis coursework on how radar works. I was wondering if any of you guys here could give me some information about it or perhaps some links to sites that have infortmation about the workings of radar. I'm thinking of the radar that tracks aircraft in the sky, as opposed to ground radar for example.

I know the very basics - a beam is sent out from transmitter, hits aircraft, signal bounces back; but that is about it. Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

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28th Aug 2002, 16:19
Radar Theory - RAF Primer (http://www.radarpages.co.uk/theory/theoryindex.htm)

Air Defence Radar Museum USA (http://www.radomes.org/museum/index.html)

Old Crow Radar Tutorial (http://www.goldcrows.org/ewtutor2.htm)

USN EW & Radar Engineering Handbook (http://ewhdbks.mugu.navy.mil/contents.htm)

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29th Aug 2002, 10:44
Thank you ORAC and Self Loading Freight for those links. I did try that SLF but as you can see from what comes up the "articles" are pretty basic, but thank you anyway.:)

Some excellent links there ORAC thank you very much, particulalrly the RAF Radar one - very detailed!:D