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15th Nov 2022, 15:41
https://cimg4.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/800x260/air_pic_points_v4_sm_bd908798b2742bc1fd9614f896ab99971176d40 5.jpg
Air Pictorial scans (Sep 62 onwards (https://www.steemrok.com/airpic/blanktop.html)) are now available.

15th Nov 2022, 16:33
A great resource

16th Nov 2022, 08:41
These really take me back. Thank you to whoever put the work in to make them available.

16th Nov 2022, 09:23
That is wonderful, I really appreciate the enourmous effort that has gone into this. I think that it great that we can have a digital record of these historic publications. Perhaps it is just me, but I was fascinated by the adverts in these magazines.

Great job and thank you.

16th Nov 2022, 12:37
a gold mine for "what aircraft", "what cockpit" etc etc :}

16th Nov 2022, 13:16
September 1962........was my first purchase of "" Air Pic """!! . Bought it regularly for quite a few years. All stashed away in the loft......!!!

Thank you Discorde. !! How about going backwards into the 50s....??

16th Nov 2022, 13:50
Great insulation

16th Nov 2022, 15:58
Air Pic was a must for me in the late 60's/early 70s.
Reminds me that a teacher nicked my copy on the school coach to our sports fields in Surrey. Must have been 1968 or 69.
He wanted to know what I was reading (it was an article on the Cessna 152/172 if I recall).
Suddenly he took an interest in it and borrowed my copy - I never got it back!

Once the scans get to the late 60s I will have to look out for that one and finish reading the article!

Excellent piece of work Discorde - many thanx!

19th Nov 2022, 17:21
Cheers Discorde!

Rather taken with the image of the Beechcraft 120, a turboprop Queen Air with Turbomeca Bastans... The resemblance to the Swearingen Merlin II which a new fuselage sat on Queen Air wings (and was a progression from his Excalibur QA modification) is quite marked!


Edit: just looked this up in Rod Simpson's book, pic must be a mock-up as the prototype was never built.

19th Nov 2022, 18:41
Just wow
Thank you!

19th Nov 2022, 21:55
Beechcraft 120, a turboprop Queen Air with Turbomeca Bastans

A 3-view from Jane's...


By George
23rd Nov 2022, 06:38
Thanks, Discorde, Great job. I grew up on those magazines and what a wealth of information they contained. Funny to look at them now and how wrong many people in the industry were. All those VTOL dreams for one. Fascinating, and thanks again.

23rd Dec 2022, 16:21
Scans now available up to and including Feb 64 (https://www.steemrok.com/airpic/blanktop.html).

Points of interest (https://www.steemrok.com/airpic/airpicPOI.html)

23rd Dec 2022, 18:49
Great work, thank you. Nostalgia is definitely what it used to be!