View Full Version : Emirates flight to New York turns back and second grounded

10th Nov 2022, 22:14

A flight from Greece to New York has been ordered to turn back while another plane was also grounded over US security concerns.

The Emirates flight was ordered to turn back by Greek authorities while flying over Sardinia following a tip off about a 'suspicious passenger' onboard, local media report.

A second airliner at Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, in Athens, was grounded as well. Passengers from the second flight, from Athens to Dubai, were reportedly searched thoroughly upon disembarking, taking off shoes and other items at the terminal.

Neither France nor Italy allowed flight EK 209, bound for New York to land at any of their airports, according to the Greek Reporter.

The aircraft was reportedly carrying 228 passengers and 18 crew members. After the order was issued to return to Athens, it was accompanied by two F16s of the Greek Air Force, which took off at 21:09 GMT from the Souda base

Public ERT television said the decision was taken following a request by United States authorities. Greek police officials did not immediately confirm the source of the request when asked by The Associated Press.

Officials at Athens airport said flight 209 to Newark Airport had returned to Athens and landed safely. Other details were not immediately available.