View Full Version : AU CASA but in NZ ?

Sunray 3
3rd Oct 2022, 23:59

Australian. Was made redundant from Virgin group in Aus in 2020 with lots of others. Have not flown since. Want to fly again. Spat out of cyclic 2020 with no IR, promises from Virgin to requalify us evaporated. Have not flown light a/c for a long time.

Currently in NZ, and understand it is possible to requalify (in some capacity - will address that below) here in NZ but under AU Part 61, with approval to do test in ZK tail etc.
Q. Can someone help me, finding a school or a person that might do this or know about doing this?

Either in a sim, or in a light aircraft, really just want to be in a position to be employable again in AU and NZ after doing Trans Tasman thing - but need my AU ATPL /IR back first.
Not necessarily looking for requalification on a specific type. Obviously can go to Aus and do it in the Metro or Saab sim, having lots of time on those, may do this but wanted to try in NZ first. Don't want to spend huge amounts - this is big factor.

CASA swear they have no list of CASA accredited examiners or organisations in NZ which seems rather odd. Already found a CASA DAME here no prob.

Any assistance would be appreciated chaps.