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27th Sep 2022, 18:23
Two deH 85 Leopard Moths were registered on the Kenya Colonial register following the end of WW II. VP-KER c/n 7116) & VP-KFM (c/n 7005). Both originated in South Africa and transferred to the 5Y- post independence register in 1964. VP-KER/5Y-KER was flown fairly extensively in East Africa before being taken to Canada to become CF-ZJP. As far as I am aware it is in store in the Vancouver area awaiting restoration. I visited Kenya in August 1983 (for my fathers funeral() and visited Wilson Airport and recollect seeing the wingless fuselage of VP-KFM stored alongside a hangar at the western end of the field near the Aero Club of East Africa. I did not photograph the remains (kick myself!!), although I do have a b&w photograph of the a/c taken around that time. My question is what happened to the remains of VP-KFM? Seems it was not painted as 5Y-KFM . I have found no mention of the airframe being exported or otherwise disposed of.

27th Sep 2022, 22:12
I've no recollection of the aircraft being at Wilson when I was there between '70 and '72, think my dad would have remarked on its presence... but then again... Unfortunately without reams of spotters noting the disposition of everything, I'm sure a lot of airframes simply disappeared as firewood or scrap.

Any chance of seeing your b/w pic?

28th Sep 2022, 11:11

Thank you for your response. I have PM'd you. Pretty sure the remains were there in August 83. Suspect you are correct about their fate. Would have thought the Moth "revival" stimulated by the deH Moth Club might have seen someone rescue the remains. A matter of "if I had known then what I know now" !!!

28th Sep 2022, 11:34
PM received, I'll respond a bit later! :)