View Full Version : Who's the next easyJet COO ?

25th Sep 2022, 18:45
Who's the next easyJet COO ?

Does David Morgan get his interim COO status made permanent ?


Any suggestions or rumours about other likely/lucky candidates for next easyJet COO ?

Do they really need one ??


25th Sep 2022, 20:07
I believe it is this gentleman:

Jason Mahoney (https://theorg.com/org/british-airways/org-chart/jason-mahoney)

25th Sep 2022, 22:05
Thank you MM.

Didn't Jason get knocked back from COO to Engineering by Sean Doyle, just for screwing up their recovery ? So BA will be needing a new Engineering Director too. They don't seem to have much luck with COOs at BA. The previous guy from Canada didn't last long either. Apparently Rene de Groot from KLM is the new COO for BA. He'll be hoping he'll have more luck than his predecessors - https://simpleflying.com/rene-de-groot-coo-to-british-airways/

Several other new Directors of this and that at BA ? Musical Czars ? They seem to have a new Industrial Relations boss as well. https://www.paddleyourownkanoo.com/2022/05/25/british-airways-appoints-industrial-relations-czar-in-bid-to-head-off-wave-of-summer-strike-action/

Any guesses as to how Jason will go down at Easy ? ,,,, What can he offer them ??

26th Sep 2022, 10:10
They don't seem to have much luck with COOs at BA.

The same can be said within EasyJet. There have been seven COO’s in my time there which means they last on average two years and ten months and all except one has left under a dark cloud “to persue other business opportunities or spend more time with the family”. These people are on a merry go round of bonuses and share tranches without the intelligence or capacity often cited to justify their disproportionate remuneration. It will be yet another disappointment to see another failure candidate wreak further havoc on a company badly damaged by his predecessor. I hope the rumours are unfounded.

de fumo in flammam
26th Sep 2022, 14:03
Reading the financial press, it's perhaps unfortunate for the operational directors that they take the fall for the, let's say"bold" financial strategy and image lead legacy of McCall, (not unlike Harriet geen of TCG and Christine ourmieres of Flybe), with, I've heard it said; less interest in operational ins and outs, leading to a troubled exit from covid and a share price in a very sorry state; quite vulnerable. From the flight deck side, I keep meeting easyJet captains who are either fed up with life on the line, or have left, quite often to the right seat). It doesn't quite fit with the airline being one of the most sought after jobs in Europe.

27th Sep 2022, 18:43
What can he offer them ??.....

A deep rooted hatred of pilots, a hollow pit where the moral compass should be, and a desire to pick up where PB left off...

Those three special qualities should work wonders for his CV - If that's what they want, he'll be a shoo-in.

However, despite the persuasive rumours, I still can't find anything definite about an easy appointment for JM. Maybe easyJet are still short-listing ?

In the mean time, JM and PB need to update their on-line business personae - they both seem to think they're still in their old jobs.

Chief Operating Officer ? Director of Operations ? Chief Technical Officer ? Technical Director ? Chief Engineer ? Director of Engineering ? Chief Technology Officer ? WTF Officer ?

What do any of those job titles actually do for their money ? I think Bus Driver has the real answer.