View Full Version : PPL Training Program Title

25th Sep 2022, 11:04
I was just looking at the DTO application form, and now we have left EASA, i wondered if people had amended their declaration to reflect this.
What should be entered in the section that asks " Full Title of Training Program with document number and version date" if you are still instructing to the
original Pooleys PPL Syllabus.

25th Sep 2022, 17:50
Pooley's have renamed it:Part-FCL PPL (A) Syllabus and Student Record of TrainingI presume the CAA accept their own CAP1298!

26th Sep 2022, 16:04
A lot of Clubs and School still quote EASA. We've only just got around to amending ours, mostly prompted by having to put some prices up due rising fuel costs...