View Full Version : DHC to build a new factory and airport near Calgary

India Four Two
22nd Sep 2022, 07:40

Maisk Rotum
22nd Sep 2022, 08:51
Interesting to see that DeHavilland Canada has gone full circle, all the legacy aircraft once again in the same stable.

As a side note apparently the Govt of Canada is retiring its DHC5 Buffaloes. Rumour on the street is Mike Kruger is lurking with intent to snap them up to increase his herd based in Juba. It would be a shame to see these mighty aircraft disappear. They carry an 8 tonne payload into an 800 metre airstrip.

22nd Sep 2022, 11:27
More Twotters!! Has to be good news

22nd Sep 2022, 15:11
For the time being, the only real raison d'être of this factory is the CL-515 water bomber, the latest iteration of the CL-215. It never was a de Havilland Canada product and was designed and manufactured by Canadair in Montreal, funded by the province of Québec.

The CL-515 is launched thanks to European orders, largely funded by the EU. The name Canadair became a common name for water bomber in many European countries. Whether or not Longview can use it will be interesting.

The Twin Otter might be revived, this is however much more uncertain for the Q400. Major evolutions would be required to challenge ATR and eventually the various green entrants on that segment of the market.

Less Hair
22nd Sep 2022, 17:27
Could they have any upcoming A220 supplier business? I wonder as well what product they expect to build there in numbers to warrant setting up a factory?

22nd Sep 2022, 18:59
Q400 is 500% the aircraft that the ATR is, unfortunately it was always a lot more expensive to buy and lease. ATR cornered the market by virtually giving them away.

Pilot DAR
23rd Sep 2022, 12:25
CL-215. It never was a de Havilland Canada product and was designed and manufactured by Canadair in Montreal, funded by the province of Québec.

Both deHavilland Canada, and Canadair were purchased by Bombardier, which resulted in some inter company cooperation at that point. The CL415 powerplant installation has some commonality with the Dash 8. When the Viking company group purchased the propeller powered products from Bombardier, they did not buy the jet products. Thus, the CL415 line sort of merged with the deHavilland product line, which makes good sense to me.

9th Oct 2022, 03:25
I heard, yes "heard" that DHC/Viking Aircraft is planning to build the Dash-8-200, NOT the Q400 at their new factory located approximately 50 km east of YYC, (Calgary International Airport, Alberta, Canada).

Loose rivets
9th Oct 2022, 22:51
The is not a joke.

Driving my ATR into Belfast City numerous times a week, I saw the Shorts (IIRC) lettering being taken down from a vast black hangar. A HUGE B was fastened well to the left in anticipation of a long name. Next flight, BO and then BOM. They got to BOMB, and went home for the weekend.