View Full Version : Linking a compass to a specific aircraft.

17th Sep 2022, 18:52
Just thinking of buying a WW2 O.2.B compass which was (probably) from a Lanc.

Anyone know if there is a way of linking the compass (via the serial number) to a particular aircraft?

The serial number is 62370E.

17th Sep 2022, 19:23
The maintenance records for the aircraft to which it was fitted would record serialised components as they were fitted or removed.
Any off-coming component, assuming it was removed for repair,overhaul, modification or when the airframe was scrapped would be labelled accordingly stating reason for removal and from where and when. After repair/mod/overhaul it would have be made serviceable and its previous history would not be shown apart from a few critical items such as engines which have their own log books.
So simply the answer is no.