View Full Version : Art Nalls and his Sea Harrier

India Four Two
21st Aug 2022, 00:40
An excellent video:


22nd Aug 2022, 00:12
Thanks I42 - enjoyed it.

22nd Aug 2022, 05:38
That's one very lucky man. ^Agreed great vid.

22nd Aug 2022, 07:44
Think Art used to post on here occasionally...

22nd Aug 2022, 20:44
His collection of 3 x Harriers and all the spares package, have been up for sale for several years now without any takers (perhaps not surprisingly) although I see the price has now reduced down to a mere $8m so someone might reach for their wallet now they are down to bargain basement price...!!

22nd Aug 2022, 22:56
I guess one of the problems to a potential buyer could be that he's qualified to fly them - but who else is?

IIRC, last I heard he was training a female pilot who had got as far as taxying one, but not actually getting airborne.