View Full Version : crediting of EASA flying hours

19th Aug 2022, 09:58
I read on another thread that our recognition of EASA ends on the 31st December 2022.
We have a student who wants to do some flying in Switzerland next month, can he count those hours towards his 45 hours required
for a UK PPL?
Obviously we counted the hours when students were training when we were in EASA, but not sure if "future " hours might count.
Many Thanks.

19th Aug 2022, 10:53
Even under the old rules the 45 hours had to be a course of training at an ATO/DTO you can't mix and match. There could have been a formal hand over to another ATO/DTO but the days of doing bits here and there are long gone.
He could do some training in Switzerland if he wants to, but no, it would not count towards the issue of a UK PPL, any more than doing some flying in the USA or anywhere else.

19th Aug 2022, 12:35
Very few complete the syllabus in the 45 hours. As long as the syllabus is completed as outlined by Whopity then any additional flying can be anything anywhere.