View Full Version : 900 hour rule - ppl instruction

16th Aug 2022, 10:33
Simply put, does LAPL/PPL instruction and charging for this count towards the 900 hour limit imposed on U.K. / EASA carriers ?

16th Aug 2022, 12:32
No, instruction is not Public Transport.

29th Aug 2022, 11:12
What if the instructor charged for instruction?
Would it not be considered commercial operation of some sort?

29th Aug 2022, 12:50
No, instructors are exceptionally allowed to be paid but this is not public transport, which is the issue with the Air Operators Certificate (AOC) restrictions to which you refer. The law otherwise does not limit the hours a pilot may fly.

29th Aug 2022, 22:39
When we discussed this at EASA, the conclusion was that there was nothing to restrict a suitably qualified CAT pilot from LAPL/PPL instruction, the 900 hour limit does not apply to such flying. However, it was down to the employer to decide any limit within their company terms and conditions of employment.

30th Aug 2022, 18:12
And indeed, some operators have a different take on this if their pilots give flight instruction.

30th Aug 2022, 20:44
No matter what the regulations are, is it sensible both from the instructorís and the studentís perspective?