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14th Aug 2022, 10:58
The monthly magazine 'Air Pictorial' was compulsory reading for plane spotters in the 1960s. Below is the link to the September '62 edition (right click on the cover image) reproduced with the kind permission of the Air League. Of interest is an editorial detailing the hopes of the British aviation industry, many of which - sadly - will be dashed, including the P1154, the proposed supersonic version of the P1127 (which became the Harrier). A more successful story was the BAC 1-11, which was bought by American airlines such as Braniff and Mohawk.

Scans of other editions are being prepared for future availability.

https://cimg4.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/800x1061/sep_62_01_cover_sm_6ca4ac0cda910a38bb45aac60673e0458e61a74c. jpg (https://www.steemrok.com/airpic/6209/sep62.html)

14th Aug 2022, 11:13
Including in "Dear Sir" a letter from my late father,,,,,,, :)

A lovely surprise for a Sunday afternoon browse on Pprune!

Krystal n chips
14th Aug 2022, 12:15
I still have, neatly bundled up, thanks to my late Dad, numerous copies over several years of "Air Pic "...used to like the Airfield Movements lists at the back including the information on various airfields and how to get there...came in useful when on holiday at Ladram Bay and decided go to Exeter...an "interesting "trip as they say.

"Flight Int. " came much later...when I was also reading from the back...looking at jobs and "Uncle Roger "...not necessarily in that order.

14th Aug 2022, 16:49
I too was an avid collector when my pocket money allowed, but I remember that issue.
Flying Review International, successor to RAF Flying Review, was another magazine which I would buy.

19th Aug 2022, 16:44
Below is the link to the October '62 edition (right click on the cover image). Points of interest:

- details of proposed Anglo-French supersonic airliner, as yet unnamed
- editorial comment that the UK government is less supportive of aviation than French ditto
- price of the new DH125 bizjet will be 150k (approx 2.3m in today's money) while a new Turbulent can be had for just over 1k (15k)
- in an eerie harbinger of recent events the 1928 evacuation of Kabul by RAF transports is described
- the RAF and Navy operated several aerobatic formation teams between them

https://cimg8.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/800x1061/air_pic_cover_oct_62_v2_sm_358fad0be9e159234c356982c4f35da95 a1f8bbe.jpg (https://www.steemrok.com/airpic/6210/oct62.html)

19th Aug 2022, 18:08
Please keep them coming!

20th Aug 2022, 10:04
And for the younger folk, 1s 6d is 7 1/2 p. In purchasing power now, 2-3 (depending on how you measure it) - would be quite a bargain!

20th Aug 2022, 10:26
There was a magazine ,well ,more of a newspaper about 8 pages in black &whitethat was very informative.But I cannot remember the name!Late 1960s?

20th Aug 2022, 10:32
There was a magazine ,well ,more of a newspaper about 8 pages in black &whitethat was very informative.But I cannot remember the name!Late 1960s?
Aviation News? I vaguely recall something that was tabloidish in size... in the mid 70s maybe 16 pages?

20th Aug 2022, 12:41
It was good value IIRC . I took it before it disappeared.

20th Aug 2022, 12:45
Several issues available on Abebooks...

20th Aug 2022, 23:29
From July 1953:


20th Aug 2022, 23:36
And from 80 years ago:

The first ever edition of the 'Recce Journal'!

India Four Two
21st Aug 2022, 00:44
Mk. Vc perhaps?

21st Aug 2022, 08:58
Air Pictorial was the journal of the Air League and was preceded by 'The 'Air Training Corps Gazette'; Recognition Journal was an Air Minstry publication and an extra edition used to be printed specially for the ROC (Royal Observer Corps).
Somewhere in my loft I have a poorly bound pack of ATC Gazettes acquired during a house clearance in 1978.

Cornish Jack
21st Aug 2022, 09:24
Had a small bundle for a while including one from the late 60s which featured self in action on Lake Bala (Front cover). Lost, with the house, to the North Sea storm in 2013 ! :(

21st Aug 2022, 13:09
From July 1953:

I owned lots of these from about 1958 until it was superseded by 'Flying Review International' which seemed to disappear about 1968.

24th Aug 2022, 10:02
Below is the link to the November '62 edition (right click on the cover image). Points of interest:

- Boeing jetliner total orders now stand at 475 units, 707s, 720s and 127 of the new 727, which has not yet flown.
- details of Russia's new Ilyushin Il-62 airliner, a VC10 lookalike
- in the 'Registrations cancelled' section is reference to Super Constellation L1049H N6923C which ditched in the Atlantic on 23 September after double engine failure with the loss of 28 lives

Further editions will be available here (https://www.steemrok.com/airpic/).

https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/800x1061/nov_62_cover_sm_8ec782c5e405b367ffacf5afe1cf039779baa569.jpg (https://www.steemrok.com/airpic/6211/nov62.html)

31st Aug 2022, 10:19
Many thanks for the scanned magazines Discorde. I was reading the one above with the article on the Kamov. Reminded of a rather silly TV series on Amazon Prime where the subtitles were having a little difficulty...