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13th Aug 2022, 10:55

Where would I find a list of the (CASA/EASA) PPL Lessons?

I often read here "We do this in lesson 5" or "You should have learned that in lesson 27..."

I would like to make stickers to go in the back of a student's logbook that lists topics such as TOL, various stalls, slow flight, steep turns, etc in a matrix where I can mark what we did by date.

I'd like to put the items in a sensible order and finding one more reference to help me do that would be great. Thanks!


Big Pistons Forever
13th Aug 2022, 15:22
One good reference is the Transport Canada Flight Instructor Guide. This is available as a free download and list the contents of each air exercise and provides PPL lesson plan tables which group relevant air exercises into lesson plan blocks

13th Aug 2022, 16:18
Try here:


14th Aug 2022, 09:25
For EASA, try page 140 of this document (https://www.easa.europa.eu/downloads/115485/en). The (almost identical) UK version is on page 5 of this document (http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP%201298%20AltMOC_PPL(A).pdf)

15th Aug 2022, 09:33
I'm confident you can trust this:


15th Aug 2022, 20:41
I suspect that it is not a syllabus that you are wanting, which the links being provided point to. For actual lesson to lesson plans the Honourable Company of Air Pilots provides this;


16th Aug 2022, 07:40

If you open the link I posted, you'll see it is a numbered list of exercises!

16th Aug 2022, 08:48
A numbered syllabus is not a plan of lessons. The 'Air Pilots' efforts provide this and all is completely free for anyone to use.