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31st Jul 2022, 19:17
Does anyone know what equipment would have been serving the island in 1967? Asking for a family of a man who arrived in the UK that years from the island.

31st Jul 2022, 19:49
It was a VC-10 in 1967.
You can find a copy of the timetable in the Timetable Images site.

31st Jul 2022, 20:46
Great. Thank You.

31st Jul 2022, 22:51
Air France four times a week from Madagascar; an outstationed L-1049 Constellation connecting there with the 707 from Paris, running through Reunion to Mauritius. Presumably Reunion couldn't handle the 707. Surprisingly seems the most frequent service.

BOAC VC-10 once a week from London via Nairobi.

East African VC-10 also once a week from Nairobi and Dar, and connecting from London.