View Full Version : Rockwell Commander Instructor SE England

27th Jul 2022, 12:21
I am looking for a Rockwell Commander Instructor to bring a former 112TC pilot backup to speed on a 114. I would do it myself but my medical was suspended last month.

15th Aug 2022, 15:02
There was an instructor at Harvard at Redhill who owned one , not sure if he's still there

16th Aug 2022, 07:42
From which part of SE ?

24th Aug 2022, 01:29
He is based in North Essex.

24th Aug 2022, 07:16
Any competent instructor ought to be able to do this. Whereas it is a complex type, it's still a SEP and I find it relatively easy to fly. I'd say it's the ground school that needs the attention with the Flight Manual or POH, rather than the flying, in terms of fuel burn, loading, speeds etc.
Actually, the 114 is a lovely aircraft, a 'gentleman's aerial carriage', far superior to the 112.


24th Aug 2022, 09:08
Ok. If it could be done from Elstree I have two options.