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26th Aug 2002, 23:34
Does anyone know anything about Flight Training College Africa at Grand Central Airport as I am thinking about enrolling for a JAA PPL course. I also hear they run a full time ATPL course has anyone been out there?????

Thunder Child
27th Aug 2002, 07:59
Hang fire!

Have heard a rumour only recently that FTC have lost their JAR approval, so suggest you investigate further before parting with any of your hard-earned cash!


African Drunk
29th Aug 2002, 21:37
I know they have stopped JAR CPL courses but this might be due to problems with their partners atlantic. Try speaking to Pete Goodwin at Bonus who might know more as he was just out their.

Also rumour from friend in SA that they have lost their on-site accomodation due to rent disagreements but cannot confirm this.

30th Aug 2002, 19:35
A few words on FTC. They have not lost their JAR approval and are conducting JAR CPL courses as normal. As I understand they have not "lost" their on-site accomodation but have pulled out of there due to ridiculous rent increases by the landlord. I have been told that they are building their own accomodation very close to the airport and that current students have been given new cars to commute to and from their temporary accomodation.
Great Instructors there - well worth a look.

Thunder Child
30th Aug 2002, 19:41
Without wanting to rubbish them and acknowledging the hard work of the ground staff and instructors, I'd still approach with caution.

This is a 'rumour' network after all. I'm just going on what I have heard from fellow professionals at FAGC.

30th Aug 2002, 20:50
I've just been looking at the CAA list of approved schools (for something else) and it appears that FTCA are only approved for the PPL and MEP Class Rating.

Like Thunder Child says - Approach with caution

African Drunk
1st Sep 2002, 22:55
GormanInKarnati- Management?

2nd Sep 2002, 21:15
Nope - former (happy) Student.

African Drunk
2nd Sep 2002, 21:28
When? JAR or SA?

3rd Sep 2002, 11:04
I am one of the few pilots who took the JAR CPL GFT in SA after a coarse at FTC.
Email me direct if you want to know more or contact Pete Godwin at Bonus Aviation, Cranfield and seek his opinion. He is a great bloke and will be happy to help.

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