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22nd Jul 2022, 13:38
Hello all.

Just some idle curiosity. Have there been many instances of opposing forces going into combat with aircraft of the same type? I'm thinking of fairly large-scale and wide-scale combat rather than one-off events. Ukraine/Russia at present, of course.

I was idly thinking of the increasing number of countries in the European theatre that are buying or hoping to buy F-35s. These nations are all friends at the moment, but who knows what the political situation could be in 20-30 years -- might we ever see F-35s going up against F-35s?


22nd Jul 2022, 16:23
Israel and Egypt both with Spitfires I believe but not exactly in multi-squadron strength, more like a handful IIRC.

Less Hair
22nd Jul 2022, 16:31
The Swiss and germans both had Bf 109s in WW2 when Switzerland had to defend itself.
During the Irak-Iran war there might have been Floggers and Hips used on both sides and possibly other similar stuff from the Soviet Union. During that war East Germany maintained the weapons of both conflict parties and supplied both sides with new stuff at the same time for hard currency it desperately needed.

22nd Jul 2022, 16:56
Again small scale but didn't P-51Ds go toe to toe in Central America at one point in the 1960s or early '70s?

22nd Jul 2022, 20:41
Again small scale but didn't P-51Ds go toe to toe in Central America at one point in the 1960s or early '70s?

Not, P-51's, it was Vought F4U Corsairs during the 'Football War' between Honduras and El Salvador in 1969.
Captain Fernando Soto of the Honduran AF flying his F4U-5 Corsair, shot down 3 aircraft of the El Salvador AF, a Cavalier Mustang, and two FG-1 Corsair's.
This was the ever last piston engine fighter vs piston engine fighter combat kills.

22nd Jul 2022, 20:51
Cheers GeeRam!

25th Jul 2022, 11:38
Didn't the RAF have some Spitfire on Spitfire with the Israelis?

Self loading bear
25th Jul 2022, 11:59
Seakings on both sides in the Falklands but no fights 1-on-1.