View Full Version : Logbook certification for GCAA conversion?

7th Jul 2022, 08:34
Hey! Just moved back to the UAE after having lived and flown in the US for the past decade. May have an opportunity to instruct for a flight school here, but they want a stamp/seal in my logbook to show that it is certified before they apply for my GCAA conversion. Problem is I tried to get said stamp/seal in my logbook before I left the US, however admins and management at the Part 61 school I instructed for said they'd never heard of such a thing. Looked around and seems like CFIs from other part 61 outfits face the same issue when they try to get a conversion somewhere in the world that needs a certified logbook. I know this has been asked on this forum a couple of other times, just trying to see if anyone's found any solutions?

P.S.- I know I can get a letter of validation from the FAA about my ratings and licenses, but the conversion here requires the logbook to specifically verified.

7th Jul 2022, 18:53
Contact the Chief Pilot/Instructor you used to work for and explain the situation.
Try and get a copy of the school records indicating how much you have flown.
Thats the whole reason for the logbook verification, make sure itís legitimate time.

23rd Aug 2022, 07:54
Thanks B2N2! If the need arises again I'll talk to the chief pilot of the outfit where I used to work for and see what he can arrange.