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6th Jul 2022, 10:02
Hi Folks,

I commute for my flying job from all London airports. Public transport is fekking pissing me off with poor reliability, availability and increasing silly costs on top of that. So I am back on my morocycle.

Do you know if Stansted has free motorcycle parking? I figured out Heathrow, City and Luton, but Stansted remains a mystery.

Anyone parking there bike currently who could give me some tips?


6th Jul 2022, 10:37
Motorcycle Parking | London Stansted Airport (https://www.stanstedairport.com/parking/motorcycle-parking/)

Geezers of Nazareth
9th Jul 2022, 11:54
When I worked 'at one of the London airports' there was free motorbike parking just outside most of the car-parks, usually covered, but not totally secure so a good stout padlock and chain was required. Knowing that the car-park charges were horrendous and a complete rip-off we had a simple plan to 'stick it to the man'. If somebody was going away for a few days they would park their car in the car-park, and since we knew when they'd be coming back (which flight, time, etc) we would go into the car-park via the barrier that day and collect a ticket. We would meet them once they were land-side and give them the ticket (we we had gotten about an hour earlier) and the would pay for 2-hours of parking inside the terminal!

Probably wouldn't work now because of the need to enter registrations, and for those to match what is seen on the camera at the exit barrier, but it all worked well for several years.

Time Traveller
14th Jul 2022, 23:22
Basically, yes there is free motorbike parking at Stansted for local staff, but I hear it's now a bit more rigorous - the ID unit will issue you a pass if you're entitled, and cars trying to skip through the barriers to the staff car park has been clamped down upon. It was getting silly, every morning the broken barrier would be lying on the ground, from various commuters and freeloaders trying to tailgate and park for free. Dunno if non based commuters with motorbikes can avail of it, but it's worth asking.