View Full Version : Airworthy Mosquito in Kelowna.

1st Jul 2022, 03:34
(Where the f**k is Kelowna?)

An airworthy Mosquito was delivered to Kelowna this afternoon. (Damn, I didn't know and I wasn't there!) It is destined for the Kelowna Flightcraft Museum, due to open later this year. KF are also reconstructing a Tempest to Flight worthy condition.


1st Jul 2022, 06:44
One of the handful of Mossies built by Airspeed, presumably at Christchurch.

1st Jul 2022, 12:23
This is the airframe that was restored in Canada (VR796, CF-HML). It still has the original wood in its airframe, see here for an article about it: https://warbirdsnews.com/warbirds-news/kelownas-kf-centre-for-excellence-acquires-de-havilland-mosquito.html

1st Jul 2022, 21:33
I can remember the articles in the press back in the 1980's after Ed Zalesky bought it, and when he then advertised it for sale in the late 90's.