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14th Jun 2022, 15:37
Due to LGW simulator being off line for 6-7 weeks for Embraer 170, BAA Helsinki seem to thinks they can re validate my licence on their simulator. All they can confirm that it is EASA compliant and will provide the appropriate TRE to conduct the LPC.
BAA in their wording still imply UK is part of EASA which is a concern.
Has anyone had recent experience of BAA simulator trying in Helsinki with UK licences
I have tried contacting the UK CAA, and all they do is refer me back to BAA

Arrow Flyer
14th Jun 2022, 16:24
This is the archived version of the CAA Brexit Microsite: https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ukgwa/20210601103933/https://info.caa.co.uk/uk-eu-transition/approved-training-organisations/

The answer to your question is under heading: "How will the qualification of Flight Simulator Training Devices (FSTDs) be affected?" Long story cut short, you need to find out when the simulator qualification certificate was issued..

17th Jun 2022, 15:35
Simulator needs to be approved by CAA (separately to its EASA approval) and the examiner needs to either have a UK licence or have a UK FCL.1000(c) approval based on their EASA licence. We have done this in reverse since Brexit for EASA licenced customers in our UK located sim.

Actually above is not quite true. If the EASA sim certificate was issued before we left EASA and is still valid, then it is accepted by the UK CAA. However I don't think this helps as they have probably revalidated them at BAA since Brexit