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tiny fireburn
13th Jun 2022, 14:47
While on a visit to the old RAF Castle Archdale flying boat base on Lough Erne, Northern Ireland on 7 June I was interested to come across a small memorial, on the site of the now demolished station headquarters, with the wording "In Memory of Brian Pendry, Ex-RAF, 1930-2013, Chairman and founding member of Fermanagh Flying Boat Association." Can anyone shed any light on Brian and the Association?

14th Jun 2022, 12:47
A quick Google provided this: ...the then Lough Erne Aviation museum trust run by various local aircraft enthusiasts and ex 209 sqn personnell such as Brian Pendry and others. (source (https://irishwaterwayshistory.com/about/miscellaneous-articles/flying-boats-in-fermanagh/))
You may have found this already of course.... Have you tried asking at the Castle Archdale Countryside Centre & War Museum? I get the impression (but I may be wrong) that local aviation museum plans may have ended up merged into this museum.

tiny fireburn
15th Jun 2022, 13:40
Thanks for that. I should have mentioned that of course I made a beeline for the Museum when I arrived on site, only to find it temporarily closed due to construction work in progress. However, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency has produced an interesting little leaflet about RAF Castle Archdale which was available on the the caravan site. David J Smith in his book Action Stations Scotland & N. Ireland describes Lough Erne in County Fermanagh as "....one of the most picturesque places in the British Isles from which to fight a war." I would second that! Meanwhile, the search for the Fermanagh Flying Boat Assn goes on