View Full Version : Lancaster Over Telford

3rd Jun 2022, 13:15
The BBMF Lancaster made a couple of passes over Telford about 1300. Does anyone know why? Cosford Air Show isn't until 12th.

tubby linton
3rd Jun 2022, 13:20
It was appearing at the Severn Valley Railway I believe.

3rd Jun 2022, 16:48
Thanks, that would make sense. Apparently also appearing at Ragley Hall, Alcester. Certainly made my day, he was nicely low. By the time I had my camera he had done a second pass and was gone. The direction he departed made sense; heading towards Bridgnorth.

3rd Jun 2022, 16:49
PA474 has been all over the country during the last couple of days re the Jubilee.