View Full Version : Garmin 5000 FMS Question -- How to know the distance to your destination in the FMS?

27th May 2022, 23:17
Learned Ladies and Gentlemen, in the Garmin 5000 FMS how can you know your distance to your destination while on an active flight plan route. Thank you.

28th May 2022, 10:18
If you want to change one of the MFD fields to show this data:

From Home:
Touch Utilities>Setup>Avionics Settings.
Touch MFD Fields tab.
Scroll as rqd and touch the Data Bar Field No. to be changed (fields on the MFD are numbered 1 to 8, reading left to right).
The current selection for that field is shown in cyan.
Scroll as needed and touch the button corresponding to the rqd data. (In your case DTG (distance to go to destination).

(Described in Pilot's Guide, p.212*).


If you don't want to change the MFD fields:

Push the joystick.
Touch the BRG/DIST button.
Move the pointer using the joystick or touch pad to the arrival airfield.
The lat/long, dist, brg and elev of at the pointer are displayed top left of the map.
To exit, push the joystick or touch the BACK button.

Obviously, the second method will give you a direct distance rather than a total distance along the route.

(Described in Pilot's Guide, p. 222*).

* For G5000 installed in CE560XL/XLS. Guide page numbers may differ for other types, but the procedure should not differ.

29th May 2022, 13:32
Hi Sepp, thank you for sharing your wealth of experience on the G5000. It is very much appreciated. Best Regards

29th May 2022, 14:18
No probs - but I wouldn't call it a 'wealth', exactly!!