View Full Version : Jeppesen Mobile FD App end of life - best App to replace it?

24th May 2022, 07:31
Many of us have been using the Jeppesen Mobile FD App to display Jeppesen Charts. This App will no longer be maintained and supported by the end of this year. Alternative options are ForeFlight (now owned by Boeing) and the Jeppesen Flight Deck Pro X App.
Which App is best to display Jeppesen charts and to replace the Jeppesen Mobile FD App?

ForeFlight seems to be geared a lot towards GA/Business Aviation with tons of features. Jeppesen Flight Deck Pro X seems to be more tailored for bigger Airlines.
Which one are you using in your operation? (if possible please specify aircraft type and type of flying you are engaged with).

We would use it mainly in a simulator training environment where highest priority is to get charts organized easily and quickly.
Thanks for sharing your insights.

Check Airman
24th May 2022, 07:41
Jepp FD Pro. A320. Long and short haul ops.

24th May 2022, 08:42
Thanks Check Airman I am yet to find a feature list of both apps to compare them.

24th May 2022, 09:15
Jepp FD Pro. DHC-8/717/737//767/787/A320/A330/A380 Long and short haul.

This app never leaves me wishing for more features. Logical and flexible.

tubby linton
24th May 2022, 17:36
A shame that Jepp are getting rid of it as it is still miles ahead from the dross produced by Lido.

compressor stall
25th May 2022, 13:43
FD Pro is streets ahead of FD in terms of functionality.

The AMM is amazing for finding parking bays in huge unfamiliar airports. A massive safety improvement.

25th May 2022, 19:19
The AMM is amazing for finding parking bays in huge unfamiliar airports. A massive safety improvement.As such the premium for AMM DB is priced accordingly. I've seen a model business case ROI which claimed reduced taxi time / fuel burn after landing through better crew confidence.

40 seconds per 2 daily arrivals on a T7 with a 50-strong fleet .... over 3 years = and the dealer had no shame asking for all that to break even in 36 months.

Shocked faces round the table and his rebuke "try an accident if you think safety is expensive - which we don't charge you for, that's our (supplier's) contribution to your (airline's) ops." Bright lad.

To OPs Q: no idea, just stealing oxygen here.

19th Jun 2022, 00:56
Garmin has an EFB, as does Seattle Avionics. Fltplan.com has its Fltplan Go EFB that dovetails with their website. I used Ftlplan Go for 15 years flying Pt 135 and owner flights in pistons, TP, and light jets until I toddled off to an airline.

One of them might meet your needs, giving you some alternatives to consider.

19th Jun 2022, 02:39
New experience, just did about 16 hrs worth of flying on ForeFlight with Jepp subscription and was amazed what it can do when loaded properly. Loved every minute.

Otherwise have been using FD Pro X since 4 years and it is a really nice tool. I am saying that as a huge fan of a different charting product BTW.

The issue is the cost, when all you really need is a chart viewer. Consider this:

+ DropBox or similar cloud storage provided by the organizational.
+ PDF library updated by the back office team.
+ GoodReader with 'Download only' sync for the students
+ pilots makes a screenshot of the individual charts for the exercise, rotate, markup in the Gallery APP is easy. That's the chart clip.
​​​​​​+ use the spare cash for other training or operational tools, such as ANR headsets, LOL insurance, world-wide 4G modems for flightdeck.

Rough? Maybe. You get what you need for and not gazillion of features mostly designed to sell you solutions for problems you don't have.

Where I come from the SIM session has printed handouts with pre-selected chart sheets, only the ones you'd need. Zoomed to A4 and stapled together. Nothing beats that for training unless you are mandated to train EFB use itself.


11th Feb 2023, 01:00
I'm a bit late. My company uses Flight deck pro x. I have my own Foreflght. Flight deck is basically a very simplified foreflight. Foreflight beats it in every way. It's much better incorporating the Jepps. It's easier to quickly find charts. The ground maps and details are also much better.
Foreflight is better and easier in every way (except cost). It also works better if you have an adsb receiver.