View Full Version : Crew still Quarantined in Korea?

23rd May 2022, 12:02
As the restrictions for pax are easing at ICN, does anyone knows if crews are still quarantined in Seoul. Or if special procedure is needed to avoid this. Thank you for information.

23rd May 2022, 15:15
Check with your GHA, but we have been into ICN around 12 times in the last year, and have not been Q'd there on any occasion. Food n' beer is as good as always, parking has been tight, using the deice bays for itinerants. RTPCR tests can be done at a center just beside the transportation center on the north side of the main terminal. Still a fantastic airport and bunch of people there.

fox niner
24th May 2022, 12:06
Depends. Are you vaccinated? Is everyone else in your crew vaccinated? Has this been positively communicated to the korean health authorities? Can you prove it?
if all above questions have been answered with “yes” then you might not need to be quarantined.
We are still held in the hotel in Seoul, since our airline can not guarantee a fully vaccinated crew. (Employer is not allowed to register that info)

24th May 2022, 21:47
We are still held in the hotel in Seoul. What is the point?
Not like we are not mixing with normal guests at restaurant, evening drinks lounge, and gymnasium.