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21st May 2022, 15:29
Can anyone identify this brooch badge? I have looked through all my reference books and can nothing that matches the KAA abbreviation.
I am off course assuming that it is aviation related and that the wings are not coincidental ....
Thanks in advance.
https://cimg9.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1200x1600/img_20220521_wa0025_0eb7334385f11ec17afba543d0b7dd5843d3e071 .jpg

22nd May 2022, 03:23
The Kenya Airport Authority uses the "KAA" abbreviation. Possibility?


22nd May 2022, 07:46
I was thinking that Megan, but couldn't find any historic images of their logo unfortunately. Got an 1970ish book about world airlines which doesn't throw up any obvious suggestions...

22nd May 2022, 08:40
The Kenya Airports Authority (https://www.kaa.go.ke/corporate/about-us/our-history/) was established in 1991. The badge looks like it predates that by quite some time.

22nd May 2022, 08:41
Yes - Google also gave me Kenya Airports Aurhority but their site stated that they were established in 1991. The logo is the only one given and the badge has a much older look about it - even pre-war art deco in style.
I have also gone through all my reference.books on worldwide airlines now defunct and nothing comes close ....

barry lloyd
22nd May 2022, 09:49
For what it's worth, to me, (who spent a lot of time behind the Iron Curtain), the badge has something of a 'Soviet' look to it, which could explain why it's difficult to trace. .There are lots of 'Ks' and 'As' in Russian - авиация for aviation for example and авторитет for authority.
I did have a look on a couple of Russian websites, but things being what they are at the moment, it's difficult to explore too deeply. Good luck!

22nd May 2022, 09:51
******* Aeromodellers Association? The badge looks vaguely similar to the old Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers one, now the British Model Flying Association.