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25th Apr 2022, 19:05
Gents, This is a question for my brother. And he doesn’t know that I’m writing here for him.
He needs help and he doesn’t even know it. He’s been working in a ME carrier for over 10 years now. With only his local ICAO ATPL issued by his employers state regulator. His family life is almost on the rocks due to this and due to the fact that his better half lives in the US. Now with jobs available in the US can’t he convert his ICAO Licence into an FAA and look for a job in the US.
He is Captain on 777. About 14,000 hrs.
Please help me with the procedure to convert ICAO ATP to FAA ATP pls. I can’t see him like this and would like to explain him how easy ( or not? ) it is.
Thank you all.

25th Apr 2022, 21:38
You can't convert to FAA, but you can use the hours already flown towards the requirements, which is almost the same thing.

The requirements are in part 61.151 onwards (Google: 61.151) - with 14,000 hours he's likely to meet all the requirements, but they can be picky so he'll need to check how instrument time has been logged etc to be sure.

Basically he'll need to do an ATP-CTP course (7 days and $5,000) take the ATP written test (another weeks study) then a practical test in an aircraft or simulator, 777 being the obvious choice. In this climate I'd expect an airline to pay for all of that, and there will be airlines queuing round the block offer him a job

30th Apr 2022, 18:25

It can be done easily. He just have to have multi engine PIC in his ATPL, and license verification letter. Rest will be sorted as he should meet requirements. please ask your brother to PM me as Iím looking for a partner for 777 recurrent. I can support him on the sim.