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22nd Apr 2022, 08:42
The (Helicopter) company I work for has just purchased a couple of DA40NGs. The first ones on the civil register in this country. Can anyone help me with SOPs for this aircraft? We need them for certification and the new CP is buried under mountains of other paperwork for the project
thanks in advance 🙏

22nd Apr 2022, 20:25
Have you looked at the documents on the Diamond Aircraft website here: Diamond Aircraft :: DA40 New Generation (http://support.diamond-air.at/da40_ng+M52087573ab0.html) ?

23rd Apr 2022, 07:04
SusiAir used to have one...

24th Apr 2022, 08:16
Yhanks so far. Yes, looked at the Docs, Susi air had the original DA40. Our pilots have been to the factory and still havenít been able to get any SOPs

25th Apr 2022, 08:26
The Airplane Flight Manual that is available on the link I posted contains the normal (chapter 4) and emergency procedures (chapter 3) for the type. What else do you need? If you're after a set of airline style SOPs, you will have to write those yourself. A flight school may well have a set but they will have put some effort into creating those and they will be tailored to their operation, so you'll have to ask nicely and hope that they will allow you to copy their work.